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Robert Fripp & Brian Eno

Fripp & Eno - Beyond Even (1992-2006) (Panegyric)


RELEASED: 23rd October 2007
CD (Digipak)

Format:  CD (Digipak)
Cat No:  DGM0702

Originally released in download-only format through the King Crimson website under the name THE COTSWOLD GNOMES, (also the ironically titled UNRELEASED WORKS OF STERLING GENIUS) this CD contains outtakes, demos, and other rarities from the archives of Crimson mainman Robert Fripp and his longtime cohort, ambient pioneer Brian Eno.

While much of the material here is on the order of the placid, minimalist work Fripp and Eno have released together previously, there are moments of unbridled energy as well, like the thrashing, prog-rock fury of "Cross Crisis in Lust Storm." Mostly, though, Fripp's liquid guitar lines play against Eno's electronic treatments in the atmospheric soundscape format the pair helped to pioneer


1. Ringing Beat
2. Gasp
3. Sneering Loop
4. Tripoli 2020
5. Behold The Child
6. Timean Sparkles
7. Dirt Loop
8. The Idea Of Decline
9. Deep Indian Long
10. Hopeful Timean
11. Glass Structure
12. Voices
13. Cross Crisis In Lust Storm