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Hank Von Hell

Hank Von Hell - Dead (CD) (Sony Music)

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RELEASED: 15th June 2020

Format: CD

Cat No:  19439766092

RIP - Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (Hank von Hell) who sadly passed away on 19th November 2021.

Ex frontman of Norweigan death -punks ‘ TURBONEGRO’, Hank Von Hell returned with the follow up to 2018’s solo effort Egomania. Hank teamed up with Tom Dalgety, whose illustrious production careers includes GHOST, Rammstein, Opeth and many others. An album spawned out of singer’s darkest moments, it provides an honest account of the performers ongoing battle with his inner demons, delivered in the package of a sonically maximalist dissipation of the macrabre. Across the record a scattering of friends join the fray, including Cone McCaslin, and Dave Bakesh of Sum 41, and actor Frankie Loyal.


1. Ad Conteram Incantatores
2. Dead
3. Danger Danger!
4. Blackened Eyes
5. Disco
6. Crown
7. Radio Shadow
8. Video Et Taceo
9. Velvet Hell
10. Forever Animal
11. Am I Wrong
12. 13 in 1
13. Requiem For An Emperor