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The Gaslamp Killer

Heart Math (Cuss Records)


RELEASED: 14th August 2020
2 x 10" Coloured Vinyl


2 x 10" Coloured Vinyl

After a short hiatus, The Gaslamp Killer has returned with turbulent, moody, and gorgeous symphonies on his third full-length album, Heart Math. An intense and emotional masterpiece, it reaffirms why he remains one of the best DJs and instrumental hip-hop producers of his generation.

This is a work conceived and created with every last ounce of love and pain, all of it made in turmoil and psychic unrest, with music providing the only form of solace or opportunity to find even a fleeting moment of happiness. It is as pure as catharsis gets. Heart music to survive a season in hell.


1. Forged By Fire

2. One Take Jake

3. The Cat’s Meow

4. Moving On

5. God Willing

6. Nullen Void

7. Hooked On Classics

8. Markets Of Marrakech

9. Hjorth

10. Blue Butterfly

11. To Fathom Hell or to Soar Angelic

12. Midnight Music

13. Malcolm’s Library

14. Blind Dog

15. Heart Math