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Romare - Home (Ninja Tune)


RELEASED: 31st July 2020
2 x 140g Grey Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x 140g Grey Vinyl LP
Cat No:  ZEN268

Romare - real name Archie Fairhurst - returns with his new album ‘Home’, marking his third on Ninja Tune and first full length album since 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘Love Songs: Part Two’.

Romare’s music has always sat comfortably in both the dancefloor world and a more relaxed environment, ‘Home’ being no exception. With euphoric, uplifting moments on ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Heaven’ through to more meditative and melancholy moments on ‘Deliverance’. “For me, the sweet point in music is when happy and sad come together,” comments Fairhurst. “When they meet in the middle, that’s what I try to create”.

The album artwork, created by Fairhurst himself, uses a collage technique consisting of black and white cut-out images. “In this artwork each cut-out resembles an artist or group sampled in the album,” comments Fairhurst.


1. Gone
2. Dreams
3. Sunshine
4. The River
5. Deliverance
6. High
8. You See
9. Heaven
10. Home