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Various Arists

Various Artists - I-Robots present Phantom Records (Mondo Groove)


RELEASED: 23rd February 2018
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  MGOP 01

Mondo Groove celebrates Italo-Disco in fine style delighting us with the most important tunes from the legendary Phantom Records; a ride deep into the world of the label that has not only produced renowned music, but has been acknowledged as a serious influence on modern disco sounds. Emerging in the late 70’s to early 80s, Italo bridged the gap between disco and house, and was a staple of seminal Chicago DJs like Frankie Knuckles (who pioneered many of the drum machines and synths that are still in use today).

I-Robots, a true connoisseur of the genre, hailing from the Piedmont area of Italy, curated and carefully selected the tracks on this compilation.

This eleven track collection features originals and rarities, officially repressed here for the first time, and 2 tracks re-edited by I-Robots. The LP comes with the original Phantom Records logo on the front, scans of original 7-inch and LPs covers, as well as photos of the era on the back.


A - 1     Carlotto - Come With Me  
A - 2     Cometa Music Hall - Cometa Music Hall  
A - 3     Music One - Musicone (Part 1)          
A - 4     Music One - Musicone (Part 7)          
A - 5     Music One - Musicone (Part 9)         
A - 6     Music One - Solon (Part 6)    
A - 7     Carlotto Come - Wirth Me (I-Robots Reconstruction)     
B - 1     The One "O" One's - Radio Cosmo 101          
B - 2     The One "O" One's - Radio Cosmo 101 (Strumentale)           
B - 3     Don Bernini - Whirlwind         
B - 4     The One "O" One's - Radio Cosmo 101 (I-Robots Reconstruction)