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John Cameron

John Cameron - Kes (Trunk Records)

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RELEASED: 25th January 2019
Limited Edition Single-Sided Vinyl LP

Format:  Limited Edition Single-Sided Vinyl LP
Cat No:  JBH077LP

One of the greatest British movies of all time has surely one of the greatest scores of all time. And by one of the greatest British jazz line ups of all time, but not playing jazz - oh no - playing a kind of pastoral score that flies way beyond jazz.

Anyway, let's leave Jarvis Cocker to give you his opinion: "The sound of a long-lost childhood... The smell of a damp school cloakroom, from an age when comics were still printed on newsprint... But this is more than just another product of the nostalgia industry - put on this album & immediately you'll be soaring through the air, free of your earthly shackles: for this is the sound of a human soul in flight. A beautiful daydream antidote to an all too real South Yorkshire nightmare. "Tha' won't get me down t'pit." "Pig, Pig, Sow,Sow." "Tha' dun't like being called a bastard does tha'?" This is the real thing. This is beauty so fragile it hurts. This is music with the Jesses well & truly off." 


A1. Front Titles
A2. Billy's Paper Round
A3. Dawn - Billy Sees Kes In The Tower
A4. Stealing The Book
A5. Midnight - Billy Climbs And Captures Kes
A6. Training Kes
A7. Kes First Flight
A8. Jud Walks To The Mine
A9. Kes Flies Free
A10. Kes Flies Higher
A11. Billy Asleep In The Boiler Room
A12. Foreboding
A13. Looking For Kes
A14. Realisation
A15. Burying Kes