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Jon Hassell

Jon Hassell - Psychogeography [Zones Of Feeling] (Ndeya)


RELEASED: 17th February 2023

Format:  2 x Vinyl LP

New archival release from Ndeya that showcases Jon Hassell and group in the
late 1980s exploring a radical tangent on his Fourth World sensibility.

During this period Hassell was inspired by the increasingly innovative production
techniques being used in hip-hop, in particular the hyper-collaged sampledelic
barrage of the Bomb Squad’s work with Public Enemy, hearing it as a kind of
extension of the tape splicing that Teo Macero brought to his work with Miles Davis.
He began to incorporate more of this aesthetic into his own music, playing over loops
of his own performances and riffing on angular juxtapositions of noise, rhythm and

The resulting sonic stew is a kind of futuristic sci-fi funk with an appropriately melted
production aesthetic - instruments and samples jumping to the forefront then
disappearing in the manner of the best dub records.

‘Psychogeography’ is a situationist re-thinking of the 1990 ‘City: Works Of Fiction’ album, a carefully edited sequence of alternate takes, demos and studio jams put together by Jon Hassell in 2014 using Debordian philosophy as his guide.

‘Psychogeography’ is being made on vinyl for the first time, cut across four sides by Stefan Betke aka Pole and presented as deluxe gatefold vinyl editions with spot gloss covers and printed inner sleeves containing commentary from Hassell, Eno and new interviews with some of the other musicians involved, alongside archival images from the period and download card for the full album.


1. Aerial View
2. Neon Night (Rain)
3. Cityism Superdub
4. Harambe
5. Freeway
6. Cuba Libre
7. Midnight
8. Waterfront District
9. Favela
10. Emerald City
11. Cloud-Shaped Time