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Kansas - Monolith (Music On CD)



Format:  CD
Cat No:  MOCCD13341

Monolith is the sixth studio album by American progressive rock band Kansas released in 1979. This was Kansas‘ third straight studio album to hit the Billboard Top 10 and has one Top 40 hit on it - “People of the South Wind”. Believing that fans didn’t like Monolith they did not perform any of the songs again until the mid-1990s when they revived “People of the South Wind” and “Reason to Be”. In recent years the opening track “On the Other Side” has been featured in performances on and off on tours.

The album cover by artist Bruce Wolfe features an Indian in a space helmet with horns on it standing in front of defunct freeway on-ramp pillars behind which is a lunar scene and more pillars. The cover art signifies the destruction of the modern world with the Indians left to live in the remains. The helmets are needed by the Indians to breathe because of the pollution the modern world has left behind.


1. On The Other Side
2. People Of The South Wind
3. Angels Have Fallen
4. How My Soul Cries Out For You
5. A Glimpse Of Home
6. Away From You
7. Stay Out Of Trouble
8. Reason To Be