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Kate Bush

Kate Bush - Director's Cut (Fish People)

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RELEASED: 30th November 2018
2 x 180g Vinyl LP (2018 Remaster)

Format:  2 x 180g Vinyl LP (2018 Remaster)
Cat No:  0190295593803

While fans of Kate Bush had long learned to expect the unexpected from the singer, 2011’s Director’s Cut was a curveball by anyone’s standards. Rather than record an album of new material to follow her fantastic 2005 comeback, Aerial, Director’s Cut saw Bush reinvent 11 songs plucked from 1989’s The Sensual World and 1993’s The Red Shoes albums.

With hindsight, the move looks like a warm-up for Bush’s next album proper, 50 Words For Snow, which followed Director’s Cut’s in November. Revamping her old material also gave Bush the opportunity to right some creative wrongs from her past. Since originally releasing them, she’d grown dissatisfied with the production of both The Sensual World and The Red Shoes.

“I just kind of felt like there were songs on those two albums that were quite interesting but that they could really benefit from having new life breathed into them,” she told Dimitri Ehrlich for Interview magazine. “There was generally a bit of an edgy sound to it, which was mainly due to the digital equipment that we were using, which was state-of-the-art at the time – and I think everyone felt pressured to be working that way. But I still remain a huge fan of [analogue]. There were elements of the production that I felt were either a little bit dated or a bit cluttered. So, what I wanted to do was empty them out and let the songs breathe more.”


1. Flower Of The Mountain (2018 Remaster)
2. Song Of Solomon (2018 Remaster)
3. Lily (2018 Remaster)
4. Deeper Understanding (2018 Remaster)
5. The Red Shoes (2018 Remaster)
6. This Woman's Work (2018 Remaster)
7, Moments Of Pleasure (2018 Remaster)
8, Never Be Mine (2018 Remaster)
9. Top Of The City (2018 Remaster)
10. And So Is Love (2018 Remaster)
11. Rubberband Girl (2018 Remaster)