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L.A. Takedown

L.A. Takedown - II (Coloured Vinyl) (Ribbon Music)

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Limited Edition 180g Translucent Green Vinyl LP

Format:  Limited Edition 180g Translucent Green Vinyl LP
Cat No:  RBN068LP

Limited version of the album pressed on 180g translucent green vinyl, includes MP3 download card.

From the cover art to the first synth punches, L.A. Takedown isn’t into being subtle. You want excess? You’ve come to the right place.

First single 'Night Skiing' starts out sounding like one of John Carpenter’s soundtracks from the 1980s with a steady krautrock beat and spunky synth textures. Halfway in, though, it shifts into Van Halen-esque guitar overdrive. Finally, the electro kids and the rock kids can put down their swords and tridents and come together in peace. Fans of Ratatat, The Fucking Champs and even old guitar gods like Steve Vai will dig these tasty licks. This could soundtrack anything from a Sonic the Hedgehog level to a high-octane action movie montage.


1. The First Thing...
2. Heatwave
3. L.A. Blue
4. The Valley
5. Bad Night at Black's Beach
6. City of Glass

1. Blue Skies (on Mars)
2. Dose
3. Us
4. Night Skiing
5. The Most Crucial Game
6. The Last Thing...