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Make Mine Mondo! (Ace)


Released: 29th June 2018

Quirky in the extreme, “Make Mine Mondo!” does what it says on the tin and then some. Culled from the vaults of the eccentric Doré label, fuzzed-out garage bands, wayward rockabillies and mental instrumentalists cook up a melée of mondo mayhem in long-ago Los Angeles.
Comprising 11 extremely rare and sought after garage band singles (nine previously uncompiled and new to CD); eight previously uncompiled instrumentals (also new to CD) and several unreleased rock’n’roll/R&B numbers, all remastered for legitimate first-time release, “Make Mine Mondo!” screams for attention in the busy collectors’ market.
Extensively researched booklet notes by mondo maven Rob Finnis.

  1. Gorilla Hunt - The Altecs
  2. I'll Blow My Mind -  Spencer's Van Dykes   
  3. The Mad Scientist - The Zanies
  4. Satisfaction - Los Corvets
  5. Meet the Bongo Man - Johnny 'o'
  6. Everybody's Movin' - The Debonairs
  7. The Day is Hard - The Wrench  
  8. Grandchus -  Bobby Fry (previously unreleased)
  9. Tnt in a T-shirt - The Rebels (previously unreleased)
  10. Camel Walk - Davie Allan & Arrows (issued as by the zanies)
  11. Midnight star - The Brentwoods (The Misfits)
  12. Yes, Master! - The Whips        
  13. Shang-dang-doo - Johnny Durain & the Cytones
  14. My Baby's Barefoot - The Syndicate       
  15. Boogie Woogie Feeling - Tony Casanova
  16. The Blob - The Zanies
  17. Rock That Boogie - Chuck Miles & the Styles (previously unreleased)    
  18. You'll Understand - the Wrench              
  19. The Thief - Motion  
  20. Leave me Behind - The South Hampton Story
  21. Midnight Beach Party - Johnny "z"        
  22. She Touched My Soul - John Winfield Jr 
  23. Seventh Son - Bobby Troup    
  24. Rockin' Round the Mountain - The Capers
  25. It's No Use - Basil & the Baroques
  26. Love Will Take Away - The Syndicate       
  27. Haight (in Haight-Ashbury) Street -  Opus Five 
  28. Russian roulette - The Zanies