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The Wedding Present

Marc Riley Sessions Volume 2


RELEASED: 6th October 2017
Vinyl LP

Few bands are so ingrained into the notion of the BBC radio session as The Wedding Present. Long time favourites of the late, great John Peel, David Gedge and his band appeared regularly on that legendary presenter’s BBC Radio 1 show and have continued their association with “Auntie” by performing many unforgettable sessions on the popular ‘Marc Riley Show’ on BBC Radio 6 Music.

 Due to the popularity of these sessions, The Wedding Present, in conjunction with Hatch Records and the BBC, have joined forces to produce a trilogy of releases featuring every momentous track performed for Marc’s award-winning show over a ten-year period. Marc Riley Sessions Volume 2, released 6th October, includes songs taken from no less than eight of the band’s celebrated albums, including Seamonsters, the record-breaking Hit Parade releases and band’s most recent album, the critically acclaimed Going, Going...


  1. Back A Bit.. Stop
  2. Heather
  3. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
  4. The Girl From The DDR
  5. Flying Saucer
  6. Two Bridges
  7. Pleasant Valley Sunday
  8. Montreal
  9. It's A Gas
  10. Spangle
  11. Birdsnest
  12. Little Silver