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Mark Barrott

Mark Barrott - Music For Presence (International Feel Recordings)

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RELEASED: 3rd March 2017
12" Vinyl Single

Format: 12" Vinyl Single
Cat No:  IFEEL060

According to International Feel boss Mark Barrott, Music For Presence is an attempt to broaden the evocative, downtempo sound he's been pursuing for the last few years. There's certainly a wider palette of influences on show, with opener "Shopenhauer's Garden" adding fluid synth solos to a backing track that doffs a cap to 1970s German synthesizer greats such as Tangerine Dream. The humid and sticky ambience of "Emile" sounds like Finis Africae jamming with Steve Hillage, while "Mokusho" blends cascading, life-affirming synthesizer motifs with spaced-out electronic beats and glistening chords. Closer "Lysander", with its bubbly electronics, cascading trumpet and impeccable piano work, could have come from the studio of Music From Memory regulars Gaussian Curve.


A1. Schopenhauer’s Garden
A2. Emilé
B1. Mokushō
B2. Lysander