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Mark Kozelek

Mark Kozelek - Rock 'N' Roll Singer (Badman Recording Co.)

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Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Format:  Limited Edition Vinyl LP
Cat No:  BRC993

Singer/Songwriter from Red House Painters. This is his debut solo album.

It's been four years since Red House Painters' Songs For A Blue Guitar was released, with its near-legendary guitar solo on "More Like Paper" (allegedly the reason behind the Painters' parting of ways with their label, 4AD). Since then, legal difficulties have prevented the release of its follow-up, Old Ramon. Fans, therefore, must content themselves with this haunting, acoustic solo record from singer Kozelek in the interim. It's as solemn, slow-paced and simmering as one would expect from the man who invented "slowcore", but nowhere near as meandering as his main group could sometimes be. Songs like "Around And Around" and the poignant elegy "Rose Marie" have a Denver-esque quality to them, while Kozelek's cover of AC/DC's youth anthem "Rock'N'Roll Singer" is almost unrecognisable. It's amazing what a little minimalism will do. --Everett True


A1. Find Me, Ruben Olivares
A2. Rock 'N' Roll Singer
A3. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me
A4. Metropol 47
B1. Around And Around
B2. Bad Boy Boogie
B3. Ruth Marie