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Metro Area

Metro Area (15th Anniversary Remastered 3LP) (Environ)

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RELEASED: 17th November 2017
Triple Vinyl LP (ENVLP00215)

 Environ release the Metro Area 15th Anniversary Edition, Metro Area's eponymous debut album, meticulously remastered using the original source tapes and generously spread across three slabs of vinyl.

 Released in 2002 it was named the second best album of the decade by Resident Advisor and  Fact  magazine rated it as the nineteenth best album of the decade.

 The 12-track triple LP and digital package combines all the songs from both the original US and licensed European releases, and features new commemorative artwork unique to this edition.

 In the late nineties, the budding producers Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani bonded over their shared love of slower tempos and '70s and '80s NYC club culture. Obsessed with record digging and the sounds they heard on late-night "club classics" radio shows—and turned off by current releases they saw as artlessly "updating" sublime disco by sampling, filtering and subjugating them with huge kick drums —the duo set out to discover how their favorite old 12" records were made.

 They naturally gravitated towards extended dubs of songs—full of strange mistakes and echoing backing tracks—instead of the better-known vocal versions. Lacking the big budgets and gear that made so many of their favorite classic records come together, they were forced to take a guerrilla approach. They reprogrammed their techno-oriented arsenal of secondhand synths and samplers, using novel digital recording technology to capture live instrumentation and prioritizing mood over hooks, and the resulting music was just wrong enough to sound unlike anything else being released at the time.

 After just four underground 12" releases, the duo—now well-known as Metro Area—released their first and only album, Metro Area, in the fall of 2002. Fifteen years later, it's time to celebrate the culmination of their shared history and inspiration once again.

A1 Metro Area - Dance Reaction A2 Metro Area – Piña B1 Metro Area - Caught Up B2 Metro Area - Evidence  C1 Metro Area – Miura C2 Metro Area - Soft Hoop D1 Metro Area - Orange Alert D2 Metro Area - Square-Pattern Aura E1 Metro Area – Atmosphrique E2 Metro Area - Machine Vibes F1 Metro Area - Strut  F2 Metro Area - Let's Get...