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Moby: Rare: The Collected B-Sides 1989-1993 (Instinct Records)


2 x CD

Format:  2 x CD
Cat No:  EX335-2

Many of Moby's most exciting dance mixes and unusual B-sides have never been available on his full length CD albums. Moby has always been one of the most sought after re-mixers because of the genre bending breadth of ideas he brings to a song with each new mix. "Moby: Rare" presents an extraordinary collection of the DJ-only alternate mixes of many classic Moby songs and other rarities. None of these versions have been released in CD album form. The original singles have been out of print for quite some time.


01. Voodoo Child (Poor In NY Mix) 
02. Next Is The E (Club Mix)
03. Drug Fits The Face (Drug Free Mix) 
04. Have You Seen My Baby (Baby Mix) 
05. UHF 2 
06. Time's Up (Dust Mix) 
07. Drop A Beat (Deep Mix) 
08. Mobility (Aqua Mix) 
09. I Feel It (Synthe Mix)
10. Thousand 

Go: The Collected Mixes (Bonus Disc) 
01. Go (Woodtick Mix)
02. Go (Analog Mix)
03. Go (Subliminal Mix) 
04. Go (Night Time Mix) 
05. Go (Original Mix) 
06. Go (Low Spirit Mix) 
07. Go (Rainforest Mix) 
08. Go (Delirium Mix)
09. Go (Voodoo Child Mix)
10. Go (Barracuda Mix)
11. Go (Arpathoski Mix) 
12. Go (In Dub Mix)
13. Go (Soundtrack Mix) 
14. Go (Amphetamix)