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Motorhead - 1979 (40th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set) (BMG)

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RELEASED: 25th October 2019
7 x Vinyl LP + 7" Vinyl Single (+ more) Deluxe Box Set

Format:  7 x Vinyl LP + 7" Vinyl Single (+ more) Deluxe Box Set

1979 was MOTORHEAD year - the year of Overkill and Bomber. MOTORHEAD, the loudest band in the world, with the power and force of a hundred pneumatic drills - they destroyed the nation over and again and no-one, repeat no-one, remained unaffected by them.

The albums Overkill and Bomber were ten times more powerful than their first album Motorhead, which was a killer in itself. The production was in the capable and experienced hands of one Jimmy Miller, whose previous successes had been with the likes of the Rolling Stones. He brought out the very best in the boys and the total effect was lethal. Overkill and Bomber are real skullcrackers, brain damaging to the nth degree and with the hit singles Overkill, No Class and Bomber you can doubtless guess the destroying effect of the whole affair. Thats Motorhead, straight, basic, down to earth rock and roll, with absolutely no holds barred.

This Deluxe Boxset includes:

- Both the original "Overkill" and "Bomber" albums half-speed mastered and pressed on 180-gram vinyl created from the original master tapes.
- Two double-live albums of previously unheard concert material from the '79 tours, both in gatefold sleeves.
- A 40-page period-accurate "music magazine" featuring unseen photos and fresh interviews regarding the era.
- "The Rest Of '79" vinyl, featuring B-sides, outtakes and rare tracks, with picture inner sleeve.
- "No Class" seven-inch single with 3 panel gatefold art.
- The "Bomber" tour program.
- "Overkill" sheet music book.
- '79 badge set, affixed to a printed card.
All encased within a lift off lid, black biker jacket box which is debossed, in a soft sheen finish with spot matte and spot gloss varnish. The zips/studs etc are in silver foil block detail. The inside of the lid is designed to have the appearance of the inside of a leather jacket. There is a wide obi/ belly band.


A1. Overkill
A2. Stay Clean
A3. (I Won't) Pay Your Price
A4. I'll Be Your Sister
A5. Capricorn
B1. No Class
B2. Damage Case
B3. Tear Ya Down
B4. Metropolis
B5. Limb From Limb

C1. Dead Men Tell No Tales
C2. Lawman
C3. Sweet Revenge
C4. Sharpshooter
C5. Poison
D1. Stone Dead Forever
D2. All The Aces
D3. Step Down
D4. Talking Head
D5. Bomber

Good 'n' Loud - Live At Aylesbury Friars, 1979 (Double Album)
E1. Overkill
E2. Stay Clean
E3. Keep Us On The Road
E4. No Class
E5. Leaving Here
F1. Iron Horse / Born To Lose
F2. Metropolis
F3. The Watcher
F4. Damage Case
G1. (I Won't) Pay Your Price
G2. Capricorn
G3. Too Late, Too Late
G4. I'll Be Your Sister
H1. I'm Your Witchdoctor
H2. Train Kept A-Rollin'
H3. White Line Fever
H4. Motörhead

Sharpshooter - Live At Le Mans, 1979 (Double Album)
I1. Overkill
I2. Stay Clean
I3. No Class
I4. Metropolis
J1. All The Aces
J2. Dead Men Tell No Tales
J3. I'll Be Your Sister
J4. Lawman
J5. Too Late, Too Late
K1. Poison
K2. (I Won't) Pay Your Price
K3. Sharpshooter
K4. Capricorn
K5. Train Kept A-Rollin'
L1. Bomber
L2. Limb From Limb
L3. White Line Fever
L4. Motörhead

The Rest From '79
M1. Too Late, Too Late (Overkill 7" B-Side)
M2. Like A Nightmare (Alternative Version Of No Class B-Side)
M3. Over The Top (Bomber 7" B-Side)
M4. Stone Dead Forever (Alternative Version)
M5. Sharpshooter (Alternative Version)
N1. Bomber (Alternative Version)
N2. Step Down (Alternative Version)
N3. Fun On The Farm (Bomber Outtake)
N4. Treat Me Nice (Bomber Outtake)
N5. You Ain't Gonna Live Forever (Bomber Outtake)

No Class 7"-single
O1. No Class
P1. Like A Nightmare