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Various Artists

Musique Ambiante Française Vol. 1 (Tigersushi Records)

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RELEASED: 1st December 2017
Triple Vinyl LP

“It all started when Apollo Noir, Tigersushi’s latest signing came to me with a split 12” he wanted to release, including his own track “Inspiring Images & Visual Power. Chosen With Love & Dedication” and Glass’ “Heart”. I loved the tunes but wasn’t convinced that releasing a 12inch for those 2 songs only was relevant, so I proposed we extend this split EP to a full French Ambient compilation and we all got excited by the idea. There’s never been one although there’s an undeniable interest in that genre from a broad spectrum of French musicians. A few days later, me, Apollo Noir and Charlotte (Tigersushi’s lieutenant in chief) compiled a short list of names we were interested in and within just a few weeks we put together this compilation. Amazingly, 95% of the artists we contacted agreed to participate. 

 Another surprise is how those 18 tunes come together in such a homogenous way, this stroke me the first time I listened to the whole record. Maybe it’s a result of the fascination for old and new analog machines shared by most of the musicians featured here. Maybe it has to do with a long French lineage of experimental electronic music (Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Jean Michel Jarre, and all the lesser known synth library music and score composers...). 


A1. I-Cube - Gypsotheque
A2. Romain Turzi - Vers Un Nouvel Age
A3. Etienne Jaumet - Orage Dans La Creuse
B1. Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriere - Le Chant Des Dunes
B2. Joakim - Sine Qua Non
B3. Class of 69 - Poussière Rose
C1. NightBirds - Theory Of Relativity
C2. Essaie Pas - Pierre Tombale
C3. Apollo Noir - Inspiring Images & Visual Power. Chosen With Love & Dedication
D1. Dagerlöff - From The Womb To The Tomb
D2. Principles of Geometry - Guy At The Window
D3. Glass - Heart
E1. Mondkopf - The Call
E2. Monade Ach - Imal
E3. The Mole - Prelude 464
F1. Egyptology - Wünder der Schöpfung (Teil 5)
F2. Filles Shizuka - Bataille Et Survie
F3. Cosmic Neman – ProximaB