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Ian Dury

New Boots And Panties!! (Deluxe Edition)

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RELEASED: 27th October 2017
Double Orange & Green Splattered Vinyl

Continuing the successful Demon Records Deluxe range, the next title is Ian Dury’s classic debut album New Boots And Panties!!. Coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of this album and released the same day as the anniversary box set.
Originally released on Stiff Records in 1977. It’s often cited as one of the first classic UK punk albums, the record covers a diverse range of musical styles reflecting Dury's influences and background in pub rock, taking in funk, disco, British music hall and early rock and roll. It’s considered Dury’s best album and it was also his most successful after it was certified Platinum in the UK 2 years after its release. Packaged as a double-LP gatefold with printed inner sleeves with lyrics, on orange and green splattered heavyweight vinyl. This premium edition is a limited run and numbered. This double LP contains the classic album along with a bonus LP of a BBC live performance at the Paris Theatre in London from 1978. 

New Boots And Panties!!

Side A
A1: Wake Up And Make Love With Me A2: Sweet Gene Vincent
A3: I’m Partial To Your Abracadabra A4: My Old Man
A5: Billericay Dickie

Side B
B1: Clevor Trever
B2: If I Was With A Woman B3: Blockheads
B4: Plaistow Patricia
B5: Blackmail Man

Live At The Paris Theatre, London 12/12/1978

Side C
C1: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
C2: Wake Up And Make Love With Me C3: Clevor Trever
C4: Plaistow Patricia
C5: I Made Mary Cry
C6: What A Waste

Side D
D1: Blockheads
D2: If I Was With A Woman
D3: Upminster Kid
D4: Sweet Gene Vincent
D5: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Reprise)