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Pearls Before Swine

One Nation Underground: Fiftieth Anniversary Mono Restoration & Remastering


RELEASED: 20th October 2017
Vinyl LP

It’s been fifty years since Pearls Before Swine first appeared. A genteel, oft-hushed missive from a far corner of the psychedelic hive mind, ‘One Nation Underground’ was released on an independent outlier of a record label, removed from the mainstream - and still its spirit came to be deeply appreciated by a generation and more. Today, this music has been reissued by labels around the world dozens of times. Tragic then that it hasn’t been heard properly in decades. The stereo record that made it to compact disc in the 90s (and to subsequent vinyl pressings) was a botched job, with reverbs added to evoke a fake stereo image and an overdub track from the original master lost in the transfer - providing a perfect analogue for a release destined not to make the original artists any money at all. The 50th Anniversary edition, however, has been returned to the hands of its  creators, restoring the original mono mix that made such an impact in 1967, freed from the muffling veils that time eventually wrapped around it


  1. Another Time
  2. Playmate
  3. Ballad To An Amber Lady
  4. (Oh Dear) Miss Morse
  5. Drop Out! 
  6. Morning Song
  7. Regions Of May
  8. Uncle John
  9. I Shall Not Care
  10. The Surrealist Waltz