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Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman - The Phantom of the Opera (Red Vinyl) (One Way Static)


RELEASED: 12th January 2018
Deluxe Double Red Vinyl

Format:  Deluxe Double Red Vinyl LP
Cat No:  OWS22

Rick Wakeman as an English composer, keyboardist, songwriter, author & actor needs little introduction, he is best known for being in the progressive rock band ‘YES’ and for his solo albums released in the 1970s. 

 During the decades Rick Wakeman also composed numerous soundtracks and additional music for films. In 1990 this led him to compose a conceptual soundtrack for the legendary 1925 Lon Chaney silent film ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’ which was released under the moniker ‘Phantom Power’. Unfortunately ‘Phantom Power’ was cut short and was missing more than half an hour of what Rick came up with – a silent realisation required non-stop music for more than 80 minutes of action – yet, thought lost for quarter of a century, the score is now back in its original expanded form.

 Combining baroque moves with romantic passages, sometimes in a rock setting, Wakeman’s variations really bring back the original feel of this 1925 cinematic classic using a quasi-orchestral backdrop containing organs and harpsichord with the ghosts of Mozart and Bach lurking in the dark.

 One Way Static Records is proud to present to you (for the FIRST TIME on vinyl) the complete unreleased recordings for ‘The Phantom Of The Opera’. This is the original Rick Wakeman unedited soundtrack and contains the original mixes of the songs which are different to what eventually appeared on the “Phantom Power” album. Spread over two glorious LP’s, this set contains over 80 minutes & comes with extensive sleeve notes by Tim Scott.


A1. The Phantom Of The Opera - Part I 
A2. The Phantom Of The Opera - Part II
A3. The Phantom Of The Opera - Part III
A4. The Phantom Of The Opera - Part IV