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P.O.D. - Satellite (20th Anniversary Edition) (Rhino)


RELEASED: 8th October 2021
Limited Edition 2 x Black Vinyl LP

Format: Limited Edition 2 x Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  0081227879631

In 2001, P.O.D. released its fourth studio album Satellite, a triple-platinum smash that remains the hard rock band’s best-selling album. To celebrate the record’s 20th anniversary, the San Diego-based group is hitting the road for its Satellite Tour and releasing a newly remastered version of Satellite, which has been expanded with rare and unreleased music.


1. “Set It Off”
2. “Alive”
3. “Boom”
4. “Youth Of The Nation”
5. “Celestial”
6. “Satellite”
7. “Ridiculous” (featuring Eek-A-Mouse)
8. “The Messenjah”

9. “Guitarras De Amor”
10. “Anything Right” (featuring Christian of Blindside)
11. “Ghetto”
12. “Masterpiece Conspiracy”
13. “Without Jah, Nothin’” (featuring H.R. of Bad Brains)
14. “Thinking About Forever”
15. “Portrait”