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Steve Bug & Langenberg

Paradise Sold (Poker Flat)

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RELEASED: 6th April 2018
Double Vinyl LP

The irresistible pairing of Steve Bug and Langenberg present ‘Paradise Sold’, a full vinyl album of exquisitely crafted house music on Bug’s own Poker Flat Recordings.

The album is a masterclass in house music production and came to life as a true collaborative work. “It feels great to work with Max and I don‘t know why we didn‘t get to work together earlier,” says Steve Bug. “It feels very natural to be in the studio together and our two worlds match easily. I think I speak for the both of us, when I say, by combining forces we came up with tunes, that we wouldn‘t have created on our own.”

The album is centred around hardware heavy production made with a blend of legendary and aesthetic synthesizers like the Juno 60 and 106, Studio Electronics Omega 8 or the classic Roland TB 303 and mixed by legendary Mixing Engineer Hannes Bieger.

Neither Steve Bug nor Langenberg need much introduction due to the sizeable contributions both have made in building the European house and techno scene as we know it. Bug’s relentless commitment to quality - both in his own work and in the many producers he has championed - has made him one of electronic music‘s most revered artists and curators.

Double LP with digital download code that includes the full album plus bonus tracks ‘The Teaze’ and ‘Chord Cluster’.


  1. Senior Elfo
  2. NGC 6240
  3. Paper Stabs
  4. Sleepwalker’s Bridge
  5. A Touch Of Detroit
  6. Search For Xur
  7. Late Harvest