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Gui Boratto

Gui Boratto - Pentagram (Kompakt)


Released: 15th June 2018
Double Vinyl LP

Format:  Double Vinyl LP
Cat No:  Kompakt 387

PLEASE NOTE: Some light creasing to sleeve so we have graded it as Near Mint and priced accordingly

Brazil has one of the most invigorating scenes in dance music and Sao Paulo’s Gui Boratto has been there as an innovator and leading member of the community both at home and internationally. His versatility to cross genres and remain faithful to the dance floor has been proven over and over again. Be it from “Beautiful Life” to “Azzura” or “No Turning Back”, his influence has struck a permanent chord in melodic dance music.
Pentagram is a varied full length that takes a leap in both Gui Boratto’s production and creative progression. From the driving club 1st single 'Forgotten', to the return of 'Beautiful Life' vocalist Luciana Villanova with 'Overload' to what could be his biggest pop music accomplishment to date as 'The Phoenix', there is a focus in his music like never before.


1.The Walker
2.The Black Bookshelf
3. Overload feat. Luciana Villanova
4. Forgotten
5.Forgive Me
6. Scene 2
7. Alcazar
8. The Phoenix feat. Nathan Berger
9. Halluciantion feat. B.T.
10. Spur
11. Pentagram
12. 618