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Various Artists

Space, Energy & Light


RELEASED: 30th June 2017
3 LP

Soul Jazz Records’ new ‘Space, Energy & Light’ is a collection of music by early electronic and synthesizer pioneers (from the 1960s through the 1970s), mid-1970s proto-new age gurus and 1980s guerrilla DIY cassette-era electronic artists, spanning in total over a near 30-year time frame.

These artists used electronic advancements in music technology as a means of exploring not only space and the idea of the future but also of looking inwards to the soul and of creating music in harmony with the natural world.

1. J.B. Banfi - Gang (For The Rock Industry)
2. Michael Garrison - To The Other Side Of The Sky
3. Iasos - Lueena Coast
4. Carl Matthews - As Above, So Below
5. Tim Blake - Midnight
6. Stratis - By Water
7. Laurie Spiegel - Improvisation On A ‘Concerto Generator’
8. Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece Company - Ceres Motion
9. Michael Stearns - In The Beginning
10. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Ever New
11. Richard Pinhas - Variations VII Sur Le Thème Des Bene Gesserit
12. Tod Dockstader - Piece #1
13. Kevin Braheny - Ancient Stars
14. Steven Halpern - Starborn Suite (Part 1)