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Bill Mackay & Ryley Walker

Bill Mackay & Ryley Walker - SpiderBeetleBee

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RELEASED: 20th October 2017
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  DC688

Drag City release the second volume of Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker’s inspired collaboration. It’s been nearly two years since their much-admired 2015 debut, ‘Land Of Plenty’ (Whistler Records) and ‘SpiderBeetleBee’ more than makes up for lost time, with rich, resonant performances that elevate the sound of the guitar duo as they work with an ever-widening panorama of styles.


The Grand Old Trout
Pretty Weeds Revisited
Lower Chestnut
I Heard Them Singing
Stretching My Dollar In Plano
Lonesome Traveler