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Tubby Hayes

Tubby Hayes - The Fontana Albums (1961 - 1969) (Blue Note)


RELEASED: 26th June 2020
11 x Vinyl LP Deluxe Box Set

Format:  11 x Vinyl LP Deluxe Box Set
Cat No:  7743916

Featuring Tubby Hayes’ highly collectable Fontana albums as a leader.
11 LP deluxe double walled linen cloth bound edged box set | 180g Optimal Pressings | Remastered from the original tape masters | Original Artwork [*except LP2 is hybrid original artwork] | Limited Edition & Numbered | Extensive 11.5’ x 11.5’ booklet liner notes + exclusive photos + scans.
Mastering Notes: The recordings have been lovingly remastered at Gearbox Records’ Studios, London, directly from the original tapes, using a Studer C37 ¼-inch stereo tape machine. They were then equalised through an all-valve mastering desk built bespoke for Decca studios in the late 1950s, Vintage Lang Pultec EQ, Prism Maselec EQ and Telefunken U73b valve limiters from 1959. The LP lacquers were cut on a beautifully restored Haeco Scully Lathe from 1967 with Westrex (Western Electric) head and cutting amps: the same go-to lathe that Rudy Van Gelder used. Contents:
LP1: Tubbs (1961), LP2: Equation In Rhythm / Palladium Jazz Date* (A side: Southern Suite Pts. 1 & 2, B side: Tubby Hayes’ Palladium Jazz Date tracks) (1961 & 1962). LP3: Tubbs In N.Y. (1961)** LP4: Return Visit! (1962) LP5 (***): Late Spot At Scott's (1962)** LP6: Down In The Village (1962) LP7: Tubbs' Tours (1964) LP8: 100% Proof (1967) LP9: Mexican Green (1967) LP10: Grits, Beans And Greens (Previously unreleased 1969) LP11: The Orchestra (1970) All stereo except **Mono.