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The Kinks

The Kinks - Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (BMG)


RELEASED: 25th October 2019
Deluxe Edition 2 x CD

Format:  Deluxe Edition 2 x CD

The hugely well-respected and historically important Kinks seventh studio album Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire was released on 10th October 1969, and celebrates its 50th anniversary on 2019.

'Rock musical' in style and one of the most effective concept albums in rock history, the album was constructed by Kinks' frontman Ray Davies as the soundtrack to a subsequently cancelled Granada Television play. The album receiving almost unanimous acclaim upon its release. Rolling Stone 1969 - "Arthur is a masterpiece on every level, Ray Davies' finest hour. The Kinks' supreme achievement and the best British album of 1969". Melody Maker 1969 - "Ray Davies' finest hour ... beautifully British to the core"

2CD Edition 2CD Original album, remastered in stereo + bonus tracks


Disc 1
Original Stereo Album - 2019 Remaster:
1. Victoria 
2. Yes Sir, No Sir 
3. Some Mother's Son 
4. Drivin' 
5. Brainwashed 
6. Australia 
7. Shangri-La 
8. Mr. Churchill Says 
9. She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina 
10. Young And Innocent Days 
11. Nothing To Say 
12. Arthur 
Bonus Tracks:
13. Plastic Man (Stereo) 
14. King Kong (Mono) 
15. Drivin' (Mono) 
16. Mindless Child of Motherhood 
17. Shangri-La (Mono) 
18. This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono) 
19. Australia (Australian Mono Single Mix/Edit) 

Disc 2
The Great Lost Dave Davies Album (Stereo):
1. This Man He Weeps Tonight 
2. Mindless Child Of Motherhood 
3. Hold My Hand 
4. Do You Wish To Be A Man 
5. Are You Ready? 
6. Creeping Jean 
7. I'm Crying 
8. Lincoln County 
9. Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter 
10. Mr. Reporter 
11. Groovy Movies 
12. There Is No Life Without You 
Bonus Tracks:
13. Lincoln County (Mono Single Mix/Edit) 
14. There Is No Life Without You (Mono) 
15. Hold My Hand (Mono) 
16. Creeping Jean (Mono Single Mix/Edit)