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The Library Archive - Funk, Jazz, Beats and Soundtracks from the Vaults of Cavendish Music (BBE)

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RELEASED: 8th December 2017
Double Vinyl LP

Join two of BBE’s most prolific artists and compilers, Mr Thing & Chris Read on a voyage into the mysterious, strange and wonderful world of Library Music, courtesy of Cavendish Music. Founded in 1937 and originally known as Boosey & Hawkes Recorded Music Library, Cavendish Music is the largest independent Library Music publisher in the UK and also represents a host of music catalogues across the globe.

Never commercially available, music created for these libraries that never made it to the promised land of TV or Radio was destined to languish in Cavendish Music’s vast London vault; only recently unearthed by a new generation of DJs and producers searching for rare gems or a perfect sample.

 Mr Thing & Chris Read were first invited to examine the contents of the Cavendish Music archive in 2014 as part of WhoSampled’s ‘Samplethon’ event in which producers created new tracks against the clock using sample material mined from the catalogue. Whilst digging through box upon box of records and tapes looking for interesting sounds, the pair also discovered a host of 70s library music which has not only stood the test of time, but deserves to be heard in its original form.

 From dramatic big band numbers reminiscent of Lalo Schifrin’s film scores to atmospheric proto-hip hop instrumentals produced before the genre’s existence, right through to fairly straightforward jazz and funk cuts; this amazing collection of music is sure to inspire and delight DJs and beatmakers the world over.


  1. Sound Studio Orchestra - Southbound
  2. Sound Studio Orchestra - Snowmobile
  3. The Cavendish Orchestra - Funkrund
  4. Unknown Performer - Milky Way
  5. Unknown Performer - Star Voyage
  6. Unknown Performer - Kaleidoscope
  7. The New Dance Orchestra - The Trackers
  8. Sound Studio Set - Two Bars
  9. Sound Studio Set - The Scape Goat
  10. The Cavendish Orchestra - Riff-Raff
  11. The New Sounds - The Big Score
  12. The Latin American Orchestra - Come Cuban!
  13. Sound Studio Orchestra - The Rally
  14. The New Dance Orchestra - Pardon
  15. The New Dance Orchestra - Night Driver
  16. The New Dance Orchestra - Border Incident
  17. The New Dance Orchestra - Lady Killers
  18. The New Dance Orchestra - One Way Trip (Warm Version)
  19. The New Dance Orchestra - One Way Trip (Cool Version)
  20. The New Concert Orchestra - Night Shade (Long)
  21. The New Concert Orchestra - Night Shade (Short)
  22. The New Sounds - Smile of A Stranger
  23. The New Percussion Octet - Graphics Pt. 2