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Trentemoller - Memoria (In My Room)


RELEASED: 11th February 2022 (subject to change)

Format: CD Digipack
Cat No:  imr45cd 

Format:  2 x Vinyl LP
Cat No:  imr45lp 

Danish composer, musician and producer Trentemøller announces his new studio album 'Memoria' which is set for release in early 2022 on his own label In My Room alongside the first single 'In The Gloaming' which is released September 10th 2021. Anders Trentemøller’s sixth studio album, Memoria, seems to exist at the confluence of inspiration, coincidence, and maybe even a little bit of the supernatural. A recent, unanticipated drop of four songs, in the form of two singles (No One Quite Like You, and Golden Sun), might leave one surprised to find that a full album’s worth of material was also waiting in the wings. As with most Trentemøller releases, it’s a body of songs that are thematically linked by many melodic threads.

The first single from the upcoming album, 'In The Gloaming', which is released in September 2021, implies the arc of the album might have actually begun late in the day, giving the sensation of waking in the evening. Nocturne’s dawning. Stars emerge in the form of percussive arpeggios.

2019’s Trentemøller album 'Obverse' was an exercise in what could be done if the prospect of performing the songs onstage wasn’t a factor. It opened up some doors, and signaled a new chapter. Memoria, even considering its resplendence, almost feels like it demands to be presented live as well.


A1. Veil Of White
A2. No More Kissing In The Rain
A3. Darklands
A4. Glow
B1. In The Gloaming
B2. The Rise
B3. When The Sun Explodes
C1. Dead Or Alive
C2. All Too Soon
C3. A Summer’s Empty Room
C4. Swaying Pine Trees
D1. Drifting Star
D2. Like A Daydream
D3. Linger