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Various Artists/Soul Jazz Records

VA - PUNK 45: There's No Such Thing As Society - Get A Job, Get A Car, Get A Bed, Get Drunk! Underground Punk in the UK 1977-81 (2 x Cyan Coloured Vinyl LP)(Soul Jazz Records)


RELEASED: 9th February 2024

Format:  2 x Cyan Coloured Vinyl LP
Cat No:  SJRLP542C

Soul Jazz Records’ new 10th anniversary edition of their long-out-of-print ‘Punk 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society’.

This is a one-off special edition cyan coloured heavyweight vinyl pressing with digital download code. 

The album charts the rise of underground punk and post-punk in the UK from 1977-81.
 This album is fully remastered and relicensed, and includes five new tracks, from 23 Skidoo, Notsensibles, Pretty Boy Floyd, The Astronauts and The Impossible Dreamers.
 The album is a collection of seminal, classic, obscure and rare punk and post-punk singles from the likes of The Mekons, Johnny Moped, The Killjoys, The Rings and many more which all chart the rise of independent music and DIY culture that exploded in the wake of punk and during the years of Britain under Margaret Thatcher.

The album comes complete with text, biographies on each of the bands, exclusive photos and original record artwork, and is newly available as a special edition heavy gatefold sleeve edition complete with full sleeve notes.

The Users - Sick of You
Johnny Moped - Incendiary Device
The Astronauts - Everything Stops for Baby
Pretty Boy Floyd and The Gems - Rough, Tough, Pretty Too
23 Skidoo - Last Words
Notsensibles - I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher
The Rings - I Wanna Be Free
The Now - Development Corporations
The Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
The Impossible Dreamers - Spin
The Lines - White Night
'O' Level - East Sheen
The Jermz - Power Cut
Roses Are Red - Can't Understand
Eric Random - 23 Skidoo
The Nerves - TV Adverts
The Mekons - 32 Weeks
The Freeze - For J.P.S. (With Love and Loathing)
The Scabs - Leave Me Alone
The Cravats - You're Driving Me
The Shapes - Wot's For Lunch Mum?
The Cigarettes - They're Back Again, Here They Come
Disturbed - I Don't Believe
Puncture - Mucky Pup
Josef K - Radio Drill Time