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Various Artists

Various Artists - Dancing In Darkness (EBM, Black Synth & Dark Beats From The 80's) (PIAS)


RELEASED: 3rd May 2019
2 x Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x Vinyl LP
Cat No:  962.WJ06.012

Electronic Body Music, abbreviated as EBM, is a term whose origin stems from the Belgian group Front 242, chosen to describe their electronic music; cold and dancing, free of the dominant influences of the time. Powerful, cold and minimalist electronic rhythms were the hallmarks of this new genre.

The movement quickly garnered followers with the British group Nitzer Ebb but also in the rest of Europe, with the likes of Borghesia and The Neon Judgment, later signed to labels like PIAS, Antler-Subway, Wax Trax!, Mute, Off Beat, Zoth Ommog, Pendragon and Metropolis.

EBM’s popularity grew rapidly in the underground scene during the 1980s and early 1990s, especially in Europe, before breaking through in the rest of the world, also influencing the subsequent electro- industrial scene.

Dancing In Darkness: EBM, Black Synth and Dark Beats From The 80s - to give it its full title - is a compilation of some of these bands; bands that changed contemporary music in terms of ideology, politics and aesthetics. It features Front 242, Throbbing Gristle, DAF, Cabaret Voltaire, Chris and Cosey, Nitzer Ebb, Meat Beat Manifesto etc.


A1. Throbbing Gristle - Dead On Arrival
A2. D.A.F.* - Der Musolini
A3. Cabaret Voltaire - Walls of Jericho
B1. Polyphonic Size - ZAS
B2. The Neon Judgement - Chinese Black
B3. Da Davo* - Sex Head
B4. Borghesia - No Hope, No Fear
C1. Chris & Cosey - Exotica
C2. Click Click - Headf***
C3. Front 242 - Body To Body (1988 Mix)
C4. The Cassandra Complex - One Millionth Happy Customer (EBM Mix)
D1. The Weathermen - Poison (Lethal Mix)
D2. Nitzer Ebb - Control I'm Here (Strategic Dancefloor Initiative Mix)
D3. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon