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No Mountains In Manhattan (XL Recordings)

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RELEASED: 8th December 2017
Double Vinyl LP

Wiki presents ‘No Mountains In Manhattan’. The album features fellow New York natives, both legend and novice, including Ghostface Killah, Lakutis, ACAB, Slicky Boy, Your Old Droog and more. Production credits include Ratking’s Sporting Life, Tony Seltzer, Kaytranada, Earl Sweatshirt and Wiki himself.

‘No Mountains In Manhattan’ is a journey through the trials and tribulations of a coming to age experience in New York's most populated Entirely crafted in XL's New York City studio, the album is New York to the core - featuring local emcees, from legend to novice.


  1. Islander (produced by Alex Epton)
  2. Mayor (produced by Tony Seltzer)
  3. Pretty Bull (produced by Tony Seltzer)
  4. Made For This ft Ghostface Killah (produced by Tony Seltzer & Adrian Lau)
  5. Chinatown Swing (produced by Sporting Life)
  6. Litt 15 ft Your Old Droog (produced by DJ Earl Teklife)
  7. Face It (produced by Alex Epton & Sly C)
  8. Stick Ball (produced by NOLIFE)
  9. Elaine (produced by Wiki)
  10. Pandora's Box ft Evy Jane (produced by Dadras & Sporting Life)
  11. Wiki New Written (produced by randomblackdude)
  12. Jalo (produced by Black Mack)
  13. Nutcrackers ft Lakutis (produced by Wiki, Alon Sicherman & Alex Epton)
  14. Baby Girl (produced by Kaytranada)
  15. NMIM ft ACAB, Slicky Boy (produced by Tony Seltzer)
  16. Leppy Coqui
  17. Hands Out (ft Suspect OTB) 
  18. Ballin On The Low (ft Antwon)