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PBR Streetgang

PBR Streetgang - Dayskipper EP (10Questions)


RELEASED: 23rd July 2021
12" Vinyl EP

Format:  12" Vinyl EP
Cat No:  10Q002

10Questions is a record label by Dam Swindle’s Lars Dales and graphic designer Bas Koopmans. After an amazing first release, 10Questions ventures deeper into Italo territory, signing one of the scene’s longest running duo’s: ‘PBR Streetgang’. PBR has been known for big dancefloor tracks, whether it’s house or disco, they always deliver. This EP will surely add to this legacy.

The title track ‘Dayskipper’ sets the mood with it’s 707 drum programming and rolling Italo bassline. The track slowly progresses to show it’s dancefloor pedigree. A catchy synth hook combined with synth choir stabs drives the theme home. What makes this a standout track is that the hook is not an obvious one. The ominous chords are very well crafted and will cut through you like a knife through butter.

‘Dayskipper’ shares the A side with ‘Knockout’; a track that is both a tribute to the early history of house and a contemporary piece of music in one. The ‘Moog’ style bassline sets the mood for a playful approach but it’s the addition of the vocal hits and the piano hook that drives that theme home. Add a pinch of hip-house and you have the recipe for a good time.

On the third track (and a full side on the record) ‘Chi-Lite’ you can hear that PBR still knows how to get the most out of a house beat. The theme however is more a dreamy proto house track than anything else. The syncopated synth stabs set the perfect mood for the DX7 style bells that are played on top. PBR masterfully shift from floating moments to dancefloor energy within a matter of minutes.

10Questions is a label build on the concept that the record and record sleeve are an integral part of the full experience of an EP. The artist is given a questionnaire and depending on his/her answers the artwork is made. This way the music and art co-exist in the same creative universe, that of the artist and the label alike.

A1.  Dayskipper
A2. Knockout
B1. Chi-Lite