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SIRS - Arrived (Live At Robert Johnson)


RELEASED: 7th April 2021
12" Vinyl EP

Format: 12" Vinyl EP
Cat No:  PLAYRJC066

PLEASE NOTE: Tiny ding on corner opening of sleeve so is Near Mint and priced accordingly.

Live At Robert Johnson introduces SIRS to its artist roster, with a two-track laid-back Balearic disco EP, reducing the tempo to bring on a nicely crafted and floating cosmic groove. Arrived EP kicks off with Keep Forgetting, a laid-back and slowly evolving cosmic vibe, which lets you forget the daily routines and hardships for a while. On the flip-side, Junee widens the Balearic panorama with added pads, uptempo beats, and a heart-warming synth line. 

Daniel Klein aka SIRS (read: Sounds In Real Stereo) has come a long way since getting acquainted with electronic sounds in the 1980s and into DJing just a decade later, inspired by the early Hamburg gay scene. His mid-Nineties relocation to Ibiza and Mallorca has clearly informed SIRS’ productions and overall style, which features on many remixes and co-productions, as well as his own tracks and label SIRSOUNDS.


1. Keep Forgetting 
2. Junee