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Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos - TRON (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (UMC)


RELEASED: 27th May 2022
Heavyweight Vinyl LP

Format:  Heavyweight Vinyl LP
Cat No:  8748439

UMC/Walt Disney Records are releasing the TRON catalogue on heavyweight vinyl to mark the 40th anniversary since it was originally released on July 9th 1982. The original cult soundtrack made by electronic music pioneer Wendy Carlos (The Shining, Clockwork Orange) will also be re-released on one disc heavyweight vinyl for the first time.

TRON – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was the first collaboration between Carlos and her partner Annemarie Franklin and featured a mix of an analogue Moog synthesizer and GDS digital synthesizer, along with non-electronic pieces performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Two additional tracks: “1990’s Theme” and “Only Solutions” were provided by U.S. band Journey, and after being unavailable for many years it is now considered a cult classic.


1. Creation Of Tron 
2. Only Solutions 
3. We've Got Company 
4. Wormhole 
5. Ring Game And Escape 
6. Water Music And Tronaction 
7. Tron Scherzo 
8. Miracle And Magician 
9. Magic Landings 
10. Theme From Tron 
11.1990's Theme 
12. Love Theme 
13. Tower Music - Let Us Pray 
14. The Light Sailer 
15. Sea Of Simulation 
16. A New Tron And The MCP 
17. Anthem 
18. Ending Titles