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Arbor Labor Union

Arbor Labor Union - I Hear You (Ltd Edition Coloured Vinyl) (Sub Pop Records)

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RELEASED: 13th May 2016
Limited Edition Pink Vinyl LP + Single Sided 12" Pink Vinyl

Format: Limited Edition Pink Vinyl LP + Single Sided 12" Pink Vinyl
Cat No:  SP1158

Arbor Labor Union was born from a peach tree in Georgia in the American south. They play psychedelic, repetitious, and joyful rock and roll music. In 2014 they released the album 'Sings for You Now' under the name 'Pinecones'.

In 2016 they decided to change their name in order to form a more perfect union. A union of sound and vision. With this, they had a new album, a masterpiece of modern guitar music entitled simply 'I Hear You'.

'I Hear You' was crafted through the ancient process of collaboration. All four members brought their love to one another and turned it into song. The album plays like a freedom chant. You can hear laughter in their music. You can see the joy among them. In every known photo of the band they appear to be smiling. All that is left to do is listen. Listen to this album dedicated to listeners. And, should your response also be “I hear you,” the band replies, “affirmative, loud and clear.”


A1. Mr. Birdsong
A2. Hello Transmission
A3. Radiant Mountain Road
B1. I Am You
B2. Volume Peaks
B3. Babel
C1. Belief'd
C2. Silent Oath