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Artemis - Artemis (Blue Note)


RELEASED: 11th September 2020
Vinyl LP

Formats: Vinyl LP
Cat No: B003216001

All star collective featuring Renee Rosnes, Anat Cohen, Melissa Aldana, Ingrid Jensen, Noriko Ueda, Allison Miller, & Cecile McLorin Salvant release their self titled debut album

In DownBeat magazine’s new cover feature on ARTEMIS, Salvant tells journalist Suzanne Lorge that “both of my songs on this album deal with love, but they’re different from your typical torch songs. … They aren’t about romantic notions of love from a woman’s perspective: They’re broader and more complex than that.” ARTEMIS is a superb nine-song set that features material composed and/or arranged by each of the band’s six instrumentalists. “The group identity emerged organically,” Rosnes says, and ARTEMIS discovered a thrilling collective vision early in its lifespan. “We are seven leaders, each with our own vision and personal point of view, but we play with a unified conception.”