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Brian Ellis & Sven Atterton

Brian Ellis & Sven Atterton - Life Sentence / Driftin' Off (Hobo Camp)


RELEASED: 15th January 2021
12" Vinyl

Format:  12" Vinyl
Cat No:  HOBO-026

A collaboration made to shock the system, progressive modern funk masters Brian Ellis and Sven Atterton linked up to create two immensely relevant and atypical club anthems: “Life Sentence” to highlight and protest police brutality in the United States, and “Driftin’ Off” to address the prominence of Depression/mental illness and the reaction to coping with it. Songs like these will always be topical in this world, as long as forces like the police and our government disproportionately treat people of color and those classified as “low-income” as 2nd class citizens and criminals, and our health care system denies/prevents affordable access to mental health services. This is a traditional DJ 12” that features full instrumentals of each song, with the music composed by Sven Atterton, lyrics/vocals by Brian Ellis, artwork by Primo Pitino (San Francisco, CA) and layout by Alaia Manley. Brian Ellis of Escondido, CA is currently a keyboardist and collaborator with The Egyptian Lover, has worked with artists like Newcleus and Juan Atkins, performed in bands like Astra, Reflection, Chrome Canyon, as well as released multiple solo LPs under his own name, and under many monikers. Sven Atterton resides in Cornwall, UK, and can be found playing original music under his full name. He’s released the heavily applauded and progressive modern funk masterpiece LP “The Cove” on Omega Supreme Records and “The Cape” on Cruise Club.


1. Life Sentence
2. Life Sentence (Instrumental)
3. Drifitin' Off
4. Driftin' Off (Instrumental)