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Evan Parker

Evan Parker - Collected Solos (Otoroku)


RELEASED: 25th June 2021
4 x Vinyl LP Box Set + Cassette

Format:  4 x Vinyl LP Box Set + Cassette
Cat No:  ROKURE011

Originally issued in 1989 and long ago sold out, "Collected Solos" brings Evan Parker's first four solo LPs issued on Incus - "Saxophone Solos", "The Snake Decides", "Monoceros" and "Six of One" together, alongside a cassette featuring extra cuts from the sessions at FMP studios which didn't make it onto "Saxophone Solos", and an accompanying booklet written by the late writer, Paul Haines.
Housed in a specially made and screen printed box and numbered in an edition of 250, the collection celebrates Evan Parker's remarkable commitment to a creative life and work. “Years on we are still interested, fascinated and compelled to listen to this physical, spectacular and wholly original music at the heart of Evan’s remarkable creative living. It is an inspiring example, study and celebration of commitment to creating (in) life.” - Seymour Wright


Saxophone Solos:
A1 Aerobatics 1
A2 Aerobatics 4
B1 Aerobatics 2
B2 Aerobatics 3

A1 Monoceros 1
B1 Monoceros 2
B2 Monoceros 3
B3 Monoceros  4

Six Of One:
A1 One Of Six
A2 Two Of Six
A3 Three Of Six
B1 Four Of Six
B2 Five Of Six
B3 Six Of One

The Snake Decides:
A1 The Snake Decides
B1 Leipzig Folly
B2 Buriden's Ass
B3 Haine's Last

Tape Cassette:
A1 Aerobatics 5 - The Light Of The Understanding And The Fire
A2 Aerobatics 6 - Equinox, Memorable Equinox
A3 Aerobatics 7 - Shadows Of The Evening
A4 Aerobatics 8 - The Dark Nurse
A5 Aerobatics 9 - Not With The Fire In Me Now
B1 Aerobatics 10 - Crest Of The Wave Or Thereabouts
B2 Aerobatics 11 - Shadows Of The Opus... Magnum
B3 Aerobatics 12 - The Vision At Last
B4 Aerobatics 13 - And The Aspirations
B5 Aerobatics 14 - And The Resolutions