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Lambert - False (Mercury KX)


RELEASED: 29th January 2021
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  0738271

"False" is the new album by the extraordinary Berlin-based composer and pianist Lambert. All 14 tracks are collaborations, resulting in Lambert’s most dazzlingly diverse album yet. Encompassing urgent breakbeats (with Tre B Mal), furious freeform jazz (aided by Pernille Solberg), gliding pedal steel Americana (from both Bob Drew and Jean Daeriou), industrial soundscapes (via Cole Collective) and even a full-on Autotuned vocal pop workout (collaboration with Room Trail).


1. Auen
2. Opus 23
3. Brack St. Twen
4. 27 Secrets
5. Mind No Ever No Xxx
6. Flow (Marked Red)
7. To the Bone
8. San Remo
9. Juice Tonight
10. Dorian
11. Thema Zwei
12. Spheres
13. Bolero Azul
14. I Thought of Ian