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Max Richter

Max Richter - Voices 2 (Decca)


RELEASED: 9th April 2021
2 x Black Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  4855324

Building on the musical material of the first record, VOICES 2 extends the musical language into a purely instrumental and abstract direction. Where the first part of the project is very focused on the text of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, the 2nd part opens up a musical space to let these words and ideas sink in.


1. Psychogeography
2. Mirrors
3. Follower
4. Solitaries
5. Movement Study
6. Prelude 2
7. Colour Wheel
8. Origins (Solo)
9. Little Requiems (Cello Version)
10. Mercy Duet