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Piper - I'm Not In Love (Ship To Shore)


RELEASED: 16th April 2021
Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP

Format:  Limited Edition Blue Vinyl LP
Cat No:  STS0671

In 1981, Piper grooved onto the City Pop scene with their album debut I’m Not In Love, cementing their smooth blend of soft rock and soulful funk that became a staple of the albums that followed and instantly acquiring a devoted fanbase that still exists today.

The blueprint for what was to come is evident here in the aural form: cocktails by the pool & cool ’80s shades, mixed with a disco dancefloor sensibility that is just so infectious it can only be Piper.
Available on vinyl for the first time in 40 years in this limited edition pressing!


1. I’m Not In Love
2. Lavender Trips
3. Far Away
4. Funny Face
5. Love Song
6. Dance
7. Zenny
8. I Love You
9. Lovely Night
10. Kugatsu No Sora
11. Tobenai Tori
12. Fuyu No Okurinomo