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SUAD - Waves (Svart Records)


RELEASED: 5th March 2021
Black Vinyl LP

Format:  Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  SVART253LP

Accomplished Finnish singer/songwriter SUAD forges her own distinctively personal and boldy organic style. From retro-chic dancefloor beats to dark-edged, emotional indie pearls of longing, Svart is proud to present SUAD's debut album, a treasure of crushing hits.

"Faces" is the second single to be released from this album - it is a dark pop hit, with SUAD's soulful voice at its heart and powerfully introspective lyrics. On "Faces" current and relevant themes, SUAD says: "The song is about realisation and growth, getting back to standing in your own power, finding balance and deeper understanding through acceptance." SUAD creates dream-like memories with her singular, emotive voice.


1. Faces
2. Sleep The Nights
3. Winter
4. Streets
5. The Burn
6. Waves
7. The Door
8. I Don't Know You
9. White Lies