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Gerardo Iacoucci

Gerardo Iacoucci - Le Avventure (Finders Keepers Records)

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Vinyl LP

Format: Vinyl LP
Cat No:  FKR089LP

"Combining all the traits of an international superhero or intrepid comic book adventurer, the true identity, whereabouts and history of the spectacular Italian composer known as Gerardo Iacoucci has been a mystery to record collectors for many years.

As a result of the best efforts of secretive archivists and DJs, as well as the overprotective force field that surrounds the clandestine world of Italian library music, the commanding experimental psychedelic pop music made singlehandedly by this early pioneer of the anti-genre time after time rises to the top of collectors’ want lists, commands huge ransom notes, ignites dancefloors and decimates genre tags before returning to its mythical status as one of the kings of the underworld without removing his mask.

Despite the fact that original Italian copies of records by Gerardo Iacoucci are amongst the rarest, enigmatic fixtures of European psychedelia, his music simply refuses to be ghettoised and as the name of this album suggests the history of this artist reads like the memoirs of a genuine musical adventurer as well as a well-travelled prophet of experimental music and unsung pillar of Italian jazz and sound design.

Recorded in early 1970, Iacoucci’s wide-eyed L’Avventura suite spanned 6 sides of loud, heavyweight monophonic vinyl for Romano Di Bari’s Deneb label and created an epically detailed blueprint for independent mood music companies whilst sharing release schedules with likeminded workaholics Alessandro Alessandroni and A. R. Luciani. However, Gerardo’s adventure didn’t begin here…"


A1. Assenza di Gravita (Pt.1 Edit) 
A2. Violenza 
A3. Tradimento 
A4. Il Cobra 
A5. Produzione Industriale 
A6. Verso la Frontiera 
A7. La Caverna 
B1. From Tokyo To Las Vegas 
B2. Zombie 
B3. Agguato 
B4. Citta Spietata 
B5. Citta Del Capo 
B6. Assenza di Gravita (Pt.2 Edit)