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KAMM - Cookie Policies Remix EP (Circus Company)


RELEASED: 1st October 2021
12" Vinyl EP

Format:  12" Vinyl EP
Cat No:  CCS117

While the world continues to be in a bizarre mixture of feelings and circumstances, we can thankfully still hark back to last fall when the sophomore LP from the elusive and innovative KAMM band, Cookie Policies gave us an opportunity to reflect on the past while fully looking toward the future.

The album presented a beautifully unique blend of listening-oriented music styles, combining the early roots of the four producers and their pre-DJ formative musical travels. It is now our great pleasure to introduce an EP set of specifically dance floor-focussed remixes that take the diverse textural arrangements and expansive sonic bliss of the LP and stretch it around some solid percussive membranes, sure to excite many DJs and dancers out there in the wild as things begin to reopen.

KAMM band members Dave Aju, Alland Byallo, Kenneth Scott, each chose one original album track to rework with a more propulsive feel and from Aju’s psychedelic West Coast breaks rendition of the noir-esque “CCBPGC”, to Byallo’s high vibe leveled-up flight of “Bird Call”, or Scott’s bold section-by-section recreation of the sprawling “The Soft Glow Of Electric Sex” laser-designed for heads-down late night club sessions, the boys came through to say the least. The real A1 treat of this reinterpretation package however comes from unanimous artist choice and label favorite I:Cube, whose majestic take on “Shleem” sees the veteran producer and master remixer move the bubbling ambient piece into bumping and rich space-age deep house territory, equal parts angelically uplifting and pure 5am club-belter/mind-melter.


A1. Shleem (I:Cube Remix)
A2. CCBPGC (Dave Aju Remix)
B1. The Soft Glow of Electric Sex (Kenneth Scott Remix)
B2. Bird Call (Alland Byallo Remix)