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Koss - Ancient Rain (Mule Musiq)


RELEASED: 12th March 2021
2 x Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x Vinyl LP
Cat No:  MuleMusiq268  

Romantically, otherworldly floating introspective ambient: kuniyuki takahashi, one of japan’s most prolific contemporary musicians, was always an artist for deep sensual expressions.
Especially under his anonym 'Koss' he explores profound electronic ambient sounds enlarged with ingredients of house, minimal, idm and what he calls a “‘new oriental sound”, a style, that translates traces of ancient asian music traditions into modern realms.
In particular his fourth Koss album “Ancient Rain”, released in 2008 as CD only, was an attempt to meld old melodic traditions with textural layers of modern electronic frequencies without losing a distinct human touch.
Now Mule Musiq releases his nine compositions for the first time as a double LP, rendering his poetic, slow burning melodic drifts and rhythmical shifts into the richness of the vinyl sound. All music was produced in-depth in his very own private studio while using music making computer software, a roland system-1, jupiter-8 and the dynamic percussion synth korg wavedrum.


1. Dream
2. Jumoku 
3. Ancient Rain 
4. Memory Mapping 
5. N.O.W 
6. 978 To 2008 
7. Dream(Real World) 
8. Beauty 
9. Odyssey