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The Low Anthem

The Low Anthem - Eyeland (Washington Square)

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RELEASED: 17th June 2016
180g Vinyl LP

Format:  180g Vinyl LP
Cat No:  RZR-39389-01

PLEASE NOTE: Small ding to bottom corner at opening and small (1cm) crease at opening.

EYELAND marks the Low Anthem’s fourth full-length recording and first new music since 2011’s SMART FLESH.

The Low Anthem return from an extraordinary five-year journey with EYELAND, an unprecedented collection of multi-dimensional future folk crafted with uncommon vision and emotional depth. The Providence, Rhode Island-based band’s fifth full-length recording, EYELAND began as a “vague and rather abstract” short story by co-founder/singer/guitarist Ben Knox Miller, based around the “sonic mythology of a moth’s dreams.”

The tall tale became real life as Low Anthem immersed themselves in the creation of their own Eyeland Studios, developing Providence’s once obsolete Columbus Theatre into an innovative and in-demand recording space and live concert venue. EYELAND proves a prism of the album’s inner themes, refracting Miller and co-founding drummer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Prystowsky’s sonic escapades into a full-blown Möbius strip of music and meaning.

Low Anthem’s lofty aspirations and creative capriciousness resonate throughout songs like “The Pepsi Moon” and “Behind The Airport Mirror,” their elegiac arrangements and lyrical frankness marked by shimmering ambience and a hauntingly defiant tension. Psychedelic in the truest sense of that overused word, EYELAND is a perspective-shifting musical experience at once elliptical and intangible yet still precise and powerfully personal.


A1. Eyeland
A2. Her Little Cosmos
A3. The Pepsi Moon
A4. Ozzie
A5. Wave The Neon Seaweed
B1. Behind The Airport Mirror
B2. In The Air Hockey Fire
B3. Wzgddrmtnwdz
B4. Am I The Dream Or Am I The Dreamer
B5. Dream Killer
B6. The Circular Ruins In Euphio