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Roy Budd

Roy Budd - The Stone Killer (Beat Ball Music)


RELEASED: 11th June 2021
2 x 180g Red Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x 180g Red Vinyl LP
Cat No:  BEAT-82

180g heavyweight double vinyl set housed in gatefold tip-on sleeve. 
Newly illustrated artwork by the comic artist Sean Phillips (Criminal, Incognito, Sleeper & other DC Comics).

This is the soundtrack album for ‘The Stone Killer’ by director Michael Winner starring Charles Bronson, which came in the middle of a 3-part crime thriller series (1972, 1973, 1974). It follows Charles Bronson as a detective getting to the bottom of the killings in the Sicilian Mafia, with a score by the British film composer Roy Budd (‘Get Carter’, ‘Fear is the Key’).

The soundtrack was initially released in Italy and Japan on LP and 7” single, respectively, but only limited copies were released, making these hard to find. The soundtrack itself has everything one could expect of a 70's cop action movie score – with elements such as funky variations on a theme – but Budd (on spooky synthesizer and treated electric piano) also colours his music with cinematic jazz/soul and strange lounge sounds.

The score represents the essence of Budd’s sound and was one of the holy grails at the top of the wish list among not only soundtrack collectors but also DJs and hip-hop producers who had eagerly awaited a reissue.

DISC 1 of this reissue is a faithful replica of the original Italian (Fonit – Cetra) edition, which is accompanied by a DISC 2 that contains out-takes and other unreleased tracks to form a more ‘complete’ 2LP expanded edition.


1. The Stone Killer Main Titles
2. Under Surveillance
3. The Plot
4. On The Trail
5. The Graveyard
6. In The Shadows
7. Too Late
8. The Old Precinct
9. Down Town
10. On the Move
11. Down Uptown
12. From Vietnam
13. The Chase
14. The Assassination
15. Final Capture

1. The Stone Killer Main title (Alt mix)
2. M5 SK6: The Old Precinct
3. M5 SK7: On The Move
4. M1 SK10: The Chase
5. Black Is Beautiful
6. M4 SK10
7. M7 SK10: The Assassination
8. M5 SK2
9. The Graveyard (alternative mix)
10. The Stone Killer Main Theme (Film mix - Mono)
11. Too Late
12. M1 SK10 (Film mix - Mono)
13. The Stone Killer 7" Mix